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As a physician, you no longer need to worry about taking care of how and where to send your patients for the treatment of ocular surface diseases or dry eye. Our company provides a very friendly and customized customer service where you ONLY have to write the prescription, send it to us or provide our company information to your patient, and we will take care of the rest!

The main goal for OBTears is to have therapies that are Ocular surface friendly for patients and physicians. In order to be able to provide immediate care to your patients, we are pleased to announce we have we partnered with Compounding Docs in Boca Raton. In addition, we provide delivery services and onsite phlebotomist either at your practice or patients home within 50 miles radius from our new location.

Our current combined products are:

  1. Serum Tears 20%, 30%, 40% & 50%: Mono-dose or Multi-dose preservative free bottles. Up to two months’ supply
  2.  PRP Autologous Eye Drops: Mono-dose packaging. Two months’ supply.
  3. Antibiotics Preservative Free: Mono-dose or Multi-dose preservative free bottles
  4. Steroids Preservative Free: Mono-dose or Multi-dose preservative free bottles
  5. Anti-Fungal Preservative Free: Mono-dose or Multi-dose preservative free bottles
For detailed information on our products list visit: http://obtears.com/products/